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WTF Moment: What DON'T you Understand America?

Please enjoy this video and watch it in its entirety then try and understand the severity of what is taking place in America. We have more Government employees than communist Russia ever had and have imprisoned more of our own citizens than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Why is that? How many of [...]

WTF moment of this week: Orca's Pain.

These creatures were NEVER meant to be kept in swimming pools.

Anyone else see the cover of the NY Post today Feb 25th 2010?? “KILLER WHALE”? What a fucking joke. I am so tired of ~IDIOT~ humans demonizing animals when something like this happens. How do you expect a 16-32 ft [...]

WTF Moment of the Week. “Is that Drago?”

Im sorry….I had to post it….I had to do it. :) WTF moment of the [...]

WTF moment of the week.. This is why I love Cats.

Check this little security system [...]