Help Feed Stray Animals.

WTF moment of this week: Orca's Pain.

These creatures were NEVER meant to be kept in swimming pools.

Anyone else see the cover of the NY Post today Feb 25th 2010?? “KILLER WHALE”? What a fucking joke. I am so tired of ~IDIOT~ humans demonizing animals when something like this happens. How do you expect a 16-32 ft [...]

America's New Deadly Obsession

No Blabbing & Texting while Driving Men & Women. Only hands free filming

Almost 6 thousand people die and half of million are injured every year caused by drivers whose hands are off the wheel.

Texting behind the wheel is the equivalent to [...]

“I’m hatin’ it”

To torture or not to torture? That’s the question.

In McDonald’s slaughter houses chickens are dumped from their crates and hung upside down in metal shackles.

Sir, Would you like fries with that ?

Hundreds of millions of chickens are killed for McDonald’s restaurants every year. Many of [...]

Viral Friday

This is what World of Warcraft will do to a young and impressionable mind. [...]

Music - Random Inserts....Matt Rach.

Another Musician I found on Youtube that I wanted to share with you [...]

Snack Hoarders Episode #5

Gertrude Hawks Toasted Coconut Clusters review with a splash of Bluberries from your boy true101story.  Enjoy My friends.

I originally purchased 3 different varieties of Gertrude Hawks treats for my Snack Hoarders Episodes and this was my least favorite of the 3,  However it was still delicious. They had more of a chocolate feel and less [...]

Snack Hoarders Episode #3

Snack Hoarders Episode [...]

WTF Moment of the Week. “Is that Drago?”

Im sorry….I had to post it….I had to do it. :) WTF moment of the [...]

Snack Hoarders Episode #1

Many of us grew up in households where snacking was taboo. We were told that eating between meals would ruin our appetites well I say f$%k it and indulge in the goodness of snacking.

Yes We Can America. The Time Is Now. We Are Here To Stay.

We need to all research this topic so we can as a Country make the right descision.  America wants Marijuana legal. Help Us make it happen. There are thousands of uses for this sacred herb and It can quite literally save areas of our Country.  The Social, Financial, Ecological and Industrial possibilities are endless.  All [...]