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Vegetarian Opinion Post.

Baby Steps……

This is a video I did trying to explain my opinions on becoming a vegetarian and my reasons why.  Its a little long but I think I got my point across somewhere in there.  ”The Circle of Life has been broken people”…and guess what…WE broke it.

My Weed Rant Got Remixed!

The Plight of Michael J ~ Weed Rant (Spiritform Remix) by spiritform

Medical Marijuana Passes in New Jersey!

Enjoy my response form seeing so many local newspapers with the words “Medical Marijuana bill passes in New Jersey” This would qualify as a Drug War FAIL. The people have spoken again and the voices are getting louder and louder…can you hear it? I [...]

Former Narc Advocates Pot Usage.

This a personal favorite of mine. Former Narc Barry Cooper keepin It real spreading the [...]

Marijuana Facts.

Watch and Learn some new [...]

Marijuana American & Canadian Poison.

More on my anger towards the reasons given for imprisoning Marc Emery as well as HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEACEFUL [...]

Marijuana & The Divided States of Embarressment

This is another Marijuana rant from your beloved true101story. Enter into The Plight of Michael J so you can see if you don’t share some of the same concerns regarding the infrastructure of our society. It has been too many years now that innocent people are being thrown in prison for making the safer choice compared to legal and socially acceptable poison such as ciggarettes and alcohol. Join me in the fight to change America for the better… one pressing issue at a time. Peace from the real Jersey [...]

Prescription Drug Rehab

If you are having problems with drug addiction it might be a good idea to check yourself into prescription drug rehab