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About Michael J

Hello Inner-Webs.  Welcome to the plight of Michael J brought to you proudly by  true101story productions.  In this blog you will see both the facts I have gathered regarding important issues and my strong (sometimes) offensive opinions regarding these facts.  It is my hope that during my brief stay on this planet I can have as much of a positive impact as I can on this Earth. I am deeply troubled on a day to day basis by the some of things I see and learn.

I believe it is time for the true soldiers of  humanity to stand up as ONE to fight for all that is good in this world.  We have too many important issues that effect us in the very gravest of ways that are being largely ignored by society and the powers that be. We will take a look at a great number of topics including our home Mother Earth, her children which includes humans as well as all the other creatures here.  Each with its own unique and vital role in the intertwined biological structure known as existence.

My Name Is Michael and I have lived at the Jersey Shore my entire life.  It has taught me many things, some I wish it hadn’t.  I am a Vegetarian trying to make the switch to Vegan and remain as healthy as possible. I will try and give you a look at the different sides of Michael J  with this blog.  I am going to give you a look at my exploration of  new vegetarian meals, as well as organic products and delicious snack reviews I discover during my daily travels through life. I am going to give you access to some quality stores and services that i frequent and take advantage of myself.  I will also give you some exposure to some experiments of my own.

One thing you should know about me is a am a Huge Advocate for the legalization of Marijuana to adults over the age of 21. I think the fact we are still dealing with this nonsense is unbelievable. Please be patient as the Site is still under construction..