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Frankie "The Answer" Edgar

As many UFC fans saw this past weekend, Frankie Edgar beat Bj Penn…..Again. UFC 118 was a fairly decent fight card with the other highlighted fight being Randy Couture and boxing star James Toney. James unfortunately found out the hard way that no matter how big and tough of a boxer you are…you can not just waltz into the ring with Randy Couture and think your in for an easy night. In any event..It was an interesting night for UFC fans everywhere.

Frankie Edgar has largely been considered a fluke and has not been given the respect he deserves. I think after UFC 118 and after beating BJ Penn again (4 months after beating him once already) maybe people are starting to notice the talent and work ethic this scrapper from Toms River New Jersey actually has.

Yeah, I beat BJ Penn again.

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