Help Feed Stray Animals.

Sounds like a Solarific Idea to me! electricity.

You know, there are a lot of things about mankind that I don’t quite understand yet.  Take the latest and greatest EPIC FAIL from BP involving the largest environmental disaster to date. We are so intelligent as a species and have came up with sooo many brilliant ideas, yet we have not collectively figured out how to get off oil?!? I have seen headline after headline over the last 10-15 years surrounding the problem of Oil consumption and how we are running out. WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN SOLVED YET?

I understand the Sun does go down every night which creates some-what of a problem for less-intelligent people, but this is more than a viable option.  New Jersey for example has one of the most aggressive solar programs in the world. Yeah I said WORLD not country…so why are more states not catching on,  Is electricity generated from the sun too wild of a concept to grasp? I here this “drill baby drill” statement and it quite literally makes me want to start punching politicians directly in the face.  I mean seriously…how many gigantic mistakes have to happen before we take the power away from these greedy, glutenous, disgusting oil companies and tycoons.  Are we all going to sit back and wait until…The ENTIRE PLANET is destroyed?

I am fortunate enough to have a job in the renewable energy (solar industry) and I love my job.  I feel good about what I do, and that is very important.  More over I am realizing how many others out there that feel the same way as me and want to be a positive force in changing this country over from a whore to the oil industries to a self sustaining flagship for the rest of the world to follow.  America used to stand for something great (At least I think it did) we are ruining the planet faster than any other country, imprisoning more of our own citizens than any other country, and basically just dropping the ball every time it is passed to us. WTF?

I think we ALL need to take a nice big step back and think on a person to person basis how we ALL can help EACH OTHER make changes for the better that will benefit AMERICA.  We need to get out of these other countries that we are in strictly to control their oil supplies and worry about America a little bit more…..This is where we all live right?  We have all the tools and people ready to make it why is it not happening? Why have we not introduced solar, wind and geothermal energy on a large scale?  Why is this so hard to conquer?  We somehow managed to fly people to the moon ( supposedly) :) so they could what..stand there holding the American flag and look stupid?  What again was the point of all the money we spent to get there?  Couldn’t we have spent that money a little bit wiser maybe?

We spend trillions of tax-payers dollars to invade and occupy other countries to steal there oil and act like we are on some half-ass, humanitarian mission but the sad reality is HALF of one years worth of the United States Military budget could build enough solar power to power THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES.  I mean how does that fact exist and nothing is happening?  Do we literally have the stupidest men alive running the country or what?

All I know is I am ready to do whatever it takes to change this country and I need all of your help. We are up against a force that needs all the voices in America to make them change. This is OUR country and their power lies only in the fact that they keep us afraid and separate.  I believe Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best with..”we have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  It is time to take the power back and be heard people.  I am talking to YOU!  Each and every one of my fellow Americans that wants to help turn this country back into the place we were all told it was when we were kids.  The place our fore-fathers had hoped and planned it would be.

That’s all I got for now friends, but if you are interested in learning more about what your options are as far as Solar power for your home or business I will be more than glad to educate and assist you in what your options are. Feel free to contact me personally @ true101story@  to ask questions or set up a site visit and evaluation to see if you can be part of the “Green Movement” that is happening all around you.  Be part of the solution…not part of the problem and stay tuned for more rants and ramblings from The Plight of Michael J.

Peace and Love people…Peace and Love. (and Renewable Energy as well of course) :)

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