Help Feed Stray Animals.

Respect The Dead?

Yeah, I would probably run you over too.

The other day I was driving to work on a very busy street and happened to spot a small box turtle slowly making his way across the road….most likely in search of food.  He had made it half way and was awkwardly sitting on the yellow lanes that separated the rat race roadway.  I immediately swerved off the road and began to turn around to get him across safely.  After I turned around and got back to the spot there was a middle-aged woman who had beat me to him and picked him up safely.  I rolled my window down, thanked her and was extremely happy to see that there was at least one more person out there who gives a shit about animals welfare. I wish all people could see the beauty in the variety of animals we have around us, no matter where we live. I don’t understand how so many animals can be killed every day and then be left to sit and rot on the side of our disgusting and dangerous traffic filled roads.

Ever wonder why animals that are killed by passing cars are always left to sit there?  Have you ever stopped for a second to acknowledge the fact that there is less and less room for the other creatures on this planet to live?  I for one am tired of seeing at least one new dead animal in one of the roads on my way to work. I understand that sometimes the occasional squirrel will run out into the road, but is every death really unavoidable?  Most of us care so much for our dogs and cats but we are blind to all of the other creatures that we share the planet with.  Blind to the fact that all of these creatures have the capacity to be a companion in even a small way. We love to pick and choose which animals are worthy of our mercy &  help and which are disposable.

I don’t even know where I am going with this post but people need to slow the fuck down and respect other living creatures. If you see an animal in the road STOP and let it figure out where its going.  Try to imagine you were born a squirrel instead of an O-so important human. Try to help nature out, try to imagine what this world would be like if there were NO OTHER ANIMALS LEFT.  That is what we are doing.

You'll still make it to work if you DON'T run anything over.

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