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Reefer Madness

You know, my first real revelation came in my senior year of  High School when my English teacher asked my class to do a report for the final quarter of the last year of High school.  Naturally…I picked Marijuana.  The next 2  months after that I spent a considerable amount of time researching and studying all available information on the topic.  I started to realize something very early on in my studies.  Everything I was taught about Marijuana…was a lie.

This was a tough thing for me to grasp because up until then I had at least had some hope that what society and the school system was teaching me was true. Turns out..there were a lot more things going on that needed to be looked at a little bit closer in regards to the former and current legalities surrounding my favorite plant…Marijuana.  In any event I ended up getting an A- on my paper…It deserved an A++.  I remember my English teacher at the time pulled me aside and commented on my oral presentation of my findings. She said “Mike, I don’t agree with any drug use, but your report was great and I can’t dispute anything you said….and this lady was a tight ass.  So needless to say it made me think a bit more..

I started to think about how It was public knowledge that 500,000 people a year die from smoking Cigarettes and Alcohol, which as we all know are perfectly legal and socially acceptable, yet in all its recorded usage, over 10,000 years of humans using Cannabis, there was not 1 recorded death related to Marijuana use.

I started to see that in our past America was quite fond of the magical plant known as Hemp / Marijuana.  In fact, at one time American citizens were actually required to grow marijuana.  Then I found out all the reasons why it had been made illegal and started to think how it was morally & ethically wrong to be doing what the Federal Government of this country was doing. What they were doing to ordinary, peaceful, happy, empathetic, non-violent citizens who were simply choosing to continue to use a scientifically proven substance to help enhance the enjoyment of their lives.  I remember sitting back smoking a joint the summer after I graduated from High School laughing and thinking I had uncovered something that was so rediculous and insane it HAD to be changed in the next couple years…right around the same time proposition 215 was being passed in California.

Sadly enough though, here we all are still, waiting for the Federal Government of the United States of America to pull its enormous head from deep within its ass.

Please do some research and open your mouth and speak.  Speak up for the environmental power Hemp / Marijuana has for us as a people.  Understand the hundreds of health benefits Marijuana has for everything from Cancer, Anxiety all the way to addiction its self.  Have you ever quit smoking Marijuana after smoking all day every day for years….I have.  There are NO PHYSICAL WITHDRAWLS WHATSOEVER.  Do people understand this or am I the only one that has figured this out?  I need your help.  This country and your people need your help.  We are American citizens and we have the right on a state by state basis to say NO to the Federal Government.  NO we will not allow you to violate our civil rights. NO you will not arrest and ruin our lives over “one of the safest, most therapeutic substances known to man”.  I will NOT allow you to tell us we can smoke your government subsidized cigarettes sprayed with radioactive pesticides and pollutants.. and not smoke Marijuana.  NO you will not ruin MY fucking life because YOU have been misguided.

We ALL need to speak up people…… the time is now.  To see more weed rants on my Youtube channel click here.

If you are having problems with drug addiction it might be a good idea to check yourself into a prescription drug rehab.


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