Help Feed Stray Animals.

Everyday is Earth Day.

Celebrate Earth Day earlier, by starting a new Earth-friendly habit. Take a stock of how green you’re living and set some personal goals for a greener life and a greener you. Try walking through your house and making a list of opportunities in each room, then do the same with the garage, your yard and your workplace.

Need some help here are a few tips:

Snack attack: Snack-size products mean more packing waste. Buy in bulk or choose the largest  container possible, and dole out single servings into reusable containers.
Strip Tease: Power strips enable you to plug a room’s worth of electronics into one place and unplug them all with a single yank or flip of the switch when not in use.
Dry Idea: When your bath and kitchen towels are on their last legs, give them a second life  by cutting them up to make dishcloths, washcloths, or dust rags.
Bar None: For showering and hand washing, skip the liquid soap in favor of a bar-less packaging, and just as much cleaning power. Choose a mild soap made from organic and fair-trade vegetables ingredients, with no synthetic colors, fragrances, or antibacterial additives.
And for you meat cleavers in the world aim to cut out your meat intake. If that feels impossible, start with one meatless day a week, and work up from there.

Being green matters. If you don’t do it for me do it for Earth Day and all the other 364 days of the year. The power to save the planet is in our hands. Don’t drop the ball.

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