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WTF Moment of the Week: "Scooter Faces the Music"

Canadian Megastar, Justin Bieber’s manager, was arrested Wednesday for tweeting.  When ravenous, barbaric, glass-wall buckling herds of sixteen year old hormones arrived at the mall and learned Justin was almost there…all hell broke loose.  The police and Scooter apparently worked out some ingenious plan to “tweet” a fake cancellation of the mall performance because the police were basically afraid for their lives as  the girls tested the structural integrity of the mall’s wall itself.

Unfortunately,this was the Exclusive Fox 5 News that was blasted across the airwaves during America Idol one of America’s number one watched shows. Furthermore, Scooter’s  over-weight, slightly…older attorney went on to say the reason Scooter had lagged in his response time to the police was that “he was not in front of a computer” (Like Scooter doesn’t have twitter on his phone…C’mon Grandpa).

Is this really news worthy? Or a desperate ploy for more Fox-5 views?  Either way I don’t think I have laughed this hard in quite some time.

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