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What the Label Doesn't Tell You

The fact that smoking causes lung disease and oral cancer isn’t exactly news, and only tobacco industries will be shocked hearing such facts. So why do you still continue to smoke?… No answer? Well let me ask you this.. How much do you like your penis or vagina?

Besides cancers of the head, neck, and  lungs, cigs are especially connected to cancers in your reproductive organs.  Yes! You heard me correctly your reproductive organs. Recent studies have found at least doubling of risk among smokers for cancers of the vulva and penis.

Women: Cigarettes  also interfere with your ability to have kids. Fertility rates for women who smoke are 30% lower than nonsmokers. And if you’re an idiot who continues to smoke while your expecting you increase the risks of miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, underdevelopment, and cleft pallet. And if your child is able to overcome that… let’s not forget about second-hand smoke that effects 42% of toddlers and infants who are forced to inhale it in their homes. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 702 children younger than one year die each year due cigarettes their parents smoke. What a gift to give your child?!!?

Men: Smoking also does a serious number on sperm, resulting in more deformed cells and less ability to swim. So even if mommy doesn’t smoke daddy could still cause problems. Not convinced want more… smoking hurts blood flow, male smokers are at least twice as likely to be unable to get it up. So the next time you grab your pack of cigarettes after some hot sex remember to sing to your sperm… “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming.”

The next time your smoking  a cigarette look up pictures for penis and vulva cancer.

Tasty huh?

If you are having problems with drug addiction it might be a good idea to check yourself into a prescription drug rehab.

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