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Why So Much Hating?

Why So Much Hate?

As many of you may know I have been making videos and posting them on Youtube for about 6 months now as a personal video log of sorts. Before I did this however I was viewing Youtube’s content for years prior. I am a huge fan of all the uncut, raw, unedited (and edited) content found on the Internet and more specificly … Youtube.

However, one of the negative things that stood out to me was all the unbelievable hatred that some people seemed to make it their mission to send out to the world. I have scanned thousands upon thousands of channels, sites, comments, pages, etc. over the last 5-6 years and was overwhelmed with feelings of anger and disgust for these people. The Internet is largely uncensored, and I firmly believe that it should stay that way but you have to wonder…How much damage are these Hate-Mongering degenerates actually causing to society with their worthless content??

What I eventually found extremely amusing though was that all of these hate filled evil people had something in common … they were ALL COWARDS. So I started clicking on every single hateful, evil comment I could find and tracking it back to the channel or source it came from. I was amazed to see that 95% of these people had not 1 single upload of themselves showing their faces while preaching the message they believe so much. All they did was anonomously hate from behind the comfort of their safe little monitor.

Funny right?

Then I started thinking about it. I thought, maybe it’s a good thing that these people have a venue to portray their stupidity … so everyone can see them for what they actually are. I started to realize that when people are exposed to stuff like that they can actually see how weak and pointless the message that all of these “haters” have. I thought maybe it was better that they get all of that hate, anger and aggression out on the Internet instead of letting it build and eventually hurting some innocent person in “real life”.

You have to wonder as I still sometimes do …. What is the answer to this perplexing problem? There are no-doubt hundreds of thousands of impressionable young minds out there scowering the Inner Webs for topics & content to feed their curiosity. Do you go down the road of of traditional media and censor to the point of repression? Should we continue on with the uncensored organic nature of the Internet and just let everyone have their say as long as no one is actually being harmed?

Unfortunately for my readers I do not have all the answers but I do know this…Love and Understanding are MUCH more powerful than the Hate and Evil used by some. It takes everyone, everywhere to make a conscious effort to teach as many young people as possible that we are all essentially the same. We are all the same person searching this world for answers … all the while hoping we have enough food, water, shelter and love to get through the day. I truly hope I live to see the day when man has reached a point in history when we ALL understand and accept this irrefutable fact of life. We have accomplished so many great and wonderful things yet we have not collectively learned to Co-exist with each other, with the other creatures we share this earth with and last of all ….. with our home Planet Earth as well.

Be safe People…Be nice, and try to CARE about more than just yourself. Always remember that We are all stuck here together and our children will have to clean up the mistakes we make. Peace.

Mike R – true101story productions.

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