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MTV…What “Real World” are you talking about?

Jäger-Bombs + “Show me your tits” +
WooooHoooo!!! = $$$$$ for MTV.

Since 1992, MTV has produced and aired reality television shows like “The Real World,” which feature young people consuming large quantities of alcohol and then engaging in reckless, violent, destructive, and oftentimes illegal behavior.  Yet it has never once shown a cast member consuming marijuana, which the network almost surely prohibits and undoubtedly discourages.

In the REAL WORLD, millions of people use marijuana responsibly, and EVERY objective study on it has concluded it is far safer than alcohol.  In “The Real World,” MTV makes sure alcohol is always available in abundance — and that cast members never make the safer choice to use marijuana instead.

Recently, things have gotten more out of control than ever.  An extremely drunken cast member on “The Real World” shoved another off the tall ledge of the staircase outside their house, resulting in him being taken away on a backboard by paramedics.  And just a couple a months ago MTV’s new reality show, “Jersey Shore,” received worldwide attention when a drunken young man at a bar punched one of the female cast members hard in the face after she accused him of stealing some drinks purchased by a fellow castmate.

Pretty funny the society we live in today huh?  If you think this is as unacceptable as me…visit this link and sign the petition to help change things for the better. The time is NOW to enable peaceful, law-abiding citizens of AMERICA to have access to the safer and more responsible choice.  Hey MTV..what does the “M” stand for these days anyway…Margaritas…or is it Michelob?

Wake-up America.

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