Help Feed Stray Animals.

The Jersey Shores Stray Cats.

While those clown-ass Guidos were fist pumping and perfecting their “blow-outs”, there were hundreds of stray cats trying to find food that fell through the cracks of the boardwalk.  If everyone would just Wake-up and help them out it would be a much better world.  If tyou were starving you would want some help right?  Man-up people…these are living creatures each with different personalties.  They need our help and I will be glad to be the one to deliver them their food every night…I’m 3 minutes away from Seaside Heights. Just wanted to throw it out there to see if any one wants to help. If you do CLICK HERE and donate some funds to help the cause. If you live by Seaside…go feed them yourself and feel damn good about it :) One love people from Michael J. If you want to see the video of where they eat and live now CLICK HERE

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