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Listener Wooden Heart

The music industry is filled with so much dog-shit…I thought you might appreciate this taste of brilliance & emotion.  Subscribe to his Youtube, check out his site & enjoy.

Support the Troops you terrorist!

I support my friends and want them to come home.

“Proud to be an American” & “Support the troops” are two phrases that I hear quite often thrown around in Society. I find it thoroughly amusing that so many people say this without realizing what it is they are actually saying.

I want to make one thing abundantly clear to everyone…we all support the troops.  We have no choice.  BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are allocated each year to fund the “Military Industrial Complex” as I love to call it here in America. This money not only gets the troops paid but also pays for all the pain and suffering we cause in the rest of the world. It pays for really big & expensive ships, jets, helicopters, guns, predator drones, etc. We as taxpayers pay for these things why? So we can then go play war games in other countries and areas of the world and mess shit up?

I mean lets be honest here, (troops included) is anyone even the slightest bit surprised that there are so many areas of the world that…HATE what we have become? America is even turning on itself (again) and if that happens…do you think we have even a chance at survival?

You may ask “But we are fighting terrorists, right”? Maybe, but I don’t think so.  I think it is more along the lines of “We are fighting poor people who are mad as hell at our Governments decisions involving the rest of the human beings on this planet”.  WE THE PEOPLE are the ones allowing it to happen.  I have a real problem with people who live in this country and think for some reason that they are “better” or somehow “worth more” than people in other countries. This attitude needs to be eradicated from earth if humans are ever to coexist peacefully.

It is complete and total bullshit and needs to be addressed if America is EVER going to climb out of the ditch we are in. We have fundamental problems in the way we live, eat, interact, and teach our children and citizens. We are a filthy, gluttonous nation that actually has eating competitions while the rest of the world starves. How is this good for any of us..I mean really? Do you really expect other people who have seen there children blown apart by an American drone to want to be like us? Do you think people who watch their family members starve to death while they see “Americans” shoveling down Nathans’ hotdogs dipped in water  are going to….like us?

I think it’s high time we had a severe attitude adjustment in this country. We need the troops at home defending America and the constitution of the United States of America. We have more than enough problems in our own society HERE that need to be fixed NOW. We need to fix ourselves as people and stop with all this fake, bullshit patriotism. Fake-ass flag waving that useless simple people like to stick in other peoples faces like a pile of shit they let loose into their own hands.

“Proud to be an American”? I used to be, but not anymore. I am proud of one thing and one thing only regarding America…I have the freedom to question these things and fight as hard as I can to change them. We need to wake-up to the problems that need to be fixed in our own homes and then repair the damage we have done to the homes of our neighbors.

The Pot Republic.

This is a brief video in which I give my opinions regarding the recent CBS special aptly named “The Pot Republic”.  It’s time to wake-up America.  Free Cannabis…Free the country.

Racist America: It’s your fault, NO IT’S YOUR FAULT!

I’m back at it again.  Please remember to comment and bookmark the madness.


Terrorism: Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. No universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition of terrorism currently exists. Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians), and are committed by non-government agencies.

Terror: a policy or act intended to intimidate or cause terror, usually for the furtherance of ideological goals

Terrorist: ?

As an American…I wrestle with these words on a daily basis. I try and understand the dictionary definitions that are written above so I can understand the amount of pain and suffering humans cause each other on a day to day basis. I try and understand why exactly this is and has been happening during the brief 30 years I have been alive on this planet. It seems that man has always fought & killed each other over a great number of things. Food, water, land, money…even over other people. I still haven’t quite figured out if this is all we are here for. Is it?

If you notice the definition for Terrorism as well as Terror are both available. Terrorist however is not. I guess this is the question I am sending out to the fellow humans that I share this earth with. Who are the Terrorists? Is it the small handful of extremists that feel the need to fight and kill for even the smallest of reasons? Is it the corrupt governments of the world which continuously back stab each other and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the attempt to end the lives of a few? Are they Muslims, Christians, Americans, Iraqi’s, Afghan’s?  Are they the people of Palestine & Israel?

We are currently dropping bombs on Lybia & involved in a “war on terror” with Afghanistan. We were involved in a “war on terror” with Iraq for over 10 years. We were involved in multiple wars over the past hundred years and because of it the past 100 years were the most bloody in all of man-kinds’ history. If you look back at history you start to see a lot of connections between the past and the present.  Most great historians will tell you that if you pay no attention to the mistakes made in man-kinds history….then you run the risk of making the same mistakes over and over until…..what?  What happens at the end of all this?

To be a topic of on-going discussion on this blog….feel free to comment and share you viewpoint. Visit my Youtube Experiment here to view more of my opinions and discussions.

Frankie "The Answer" Edgar

As many UFC fans saw this past weekend, Frankie Edgar beat Bj Penn…..Again. UFC 118 was a fairly decent fight card with the other highlighted fight being Randy Couture and boxing star James Toney. James unfortunately found out the hard way that no matter how big and tough of a boxer you are…you can not just waltz into the ring with Randy Couture and think your in for an easy night. In any event..It was an interesting night for UFC fans everywhere.

Frankie Edgar has largely been considered a fluke and has not been given the respect he deserves. I think after UFC 118 and after beating BJ Penn again (4 months after beating him once already) maybe people are starting to notice the talent and work ethic this scrapper from Toms River New Jersey actually has.

Yeah, I beat BJ Penn again.

Musical Spotlight: Cee-lo with a Surprisingly AWESOME Hit.

A-town Hip-hop Star Cee-Lo comes out the woodwork with a TIGHT jam that I know everyone is bumpin…turn it up!!

Sounds like a Solarific Idea to me! electricity.

You know, there are a lot of things about mankind that I don’t quite understand yet.  Take the latest and greatest EPIC FAIL from BP involving the largest environmental disaster to date. We are so intelligent as a species and have came up with sooo many brilliant ideas, yet we have not collectively figured out how to get off oil?!? I have seen headline after headline over the last 10-15 years surrounding the problem of Oil consumption and how we are running out. WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN SOLVED YET?

I understand the Sun does go down every night which creates some-what of a problem for less-intelligent people, but this is more than a viable option.  New Jersey for example has one of the most aggressive solar programs in the world. Yeah I said WORLD not country…so why are more states not catching on,  Is electricity generated from the sun too wild of a concept to grasp? I here this “drill baby drill” statement and it quite literally makes me want to start punching politicians directly in the face.  I mean seriously…how many gigantic mistakes have to happen before we take the power away from these greedy, glutenous, disgusting oil companies and tycoons.  Are we all going to sit back and wait until…The ENTIRE PLANET is destroyed?

I am fortunate enough to have a job in the renewable energy (solar industry) and I love my job.  I feel good about what I do, and that is very important.  More over I am realizing how many others out there that feel the same way as me and want to be a positive force in changing this country over from a whore to the oil industries to a self sustaining flagship for the rest of the world to follow.  America used to stand for something great (At least I think it did) we are ruining the planet faster than any other country, imprisoning more of our own citizens than any other country, and basically just dropping the ball every time it is passed to us. WTF?

I think we ALL need to take a nice big step back and think on a person to person basis how we ALL can help EACH OTHER make changes for the better that will benefit AMERICA.  We need to get out of these other countries that we are in strictly to control their oil supplies and worry about America a little bit more…..This is where we all live right?  We have all the tools and people ready to make it why is it not happening? Why have we not introduced solar, wind and geothermal energy on a large scale?  Why is this so hard to conquer?  We somehow managed to fly people to the moon ( supposedly) :) so they could what..stand there holding the American flag and look stupid?  What again was the point of all the money we spent to get there?  Couldn’t we have spent that money a little bit wiser maybe?

We spend trillions of tax-payers dollars to invade and occupy other countries to steal there oil and act like we are on some half-ass, humanitarian mission but the sad reality is HALF of one years worth of the United States Military budget could build enough solar power to power THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES.  I mean how does that fact exist and nothing is happening?  Do we literally have the stupidest men alive running the country or what?

All I know is I am ready to do whatever it takes to change this country and I need all of your help. We are up against a force that needs all the voices in America to make them change. This is OUR country and their power lies only in the fact that they keep us afraid and separate.  I believe Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best with..”we have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  It is time to take the power back and be heard people.  I am talking to YOU!  Each and every one of my fellow Americans that wants to help turn this country back into the place we were all told it was when we were kids.  The place our fore-fathers had hoped and planned it would be.

That’s all I got for now friends, but if you are interested in learning more about what your options are as far as Solar power for your home or business I will be more than glad to educate and assist you in what your options are. Feel free to contact me personally @ true101story@  to ask questions or set up a site visit and evaluation to see if you can be part of the “Green Movement” that is happening all around you.  Be part of the solution…not part of the problem and stay tuned for more rants and ramblings from The Plight of Michael J.

Peace and Love people…Peace and Love. (and Renewable Energy as well of course) :)

Reefer Madness

You know, my first real revelation came in my senior year of  High School when my English teacher asked my class to do a report for the final quarter of the last year of High school.  Naturally…I picked Marijuana.  The next 2  months after that I spent a considerable amount of time researching and studying all available information on the topic.  I started to realize something very early on in my studies.  Everything I was taught about Marijuana…was a lie.

This was a tough thing for me to grasp because up until then I had at least had some hope that what society and the school system was teaching me was true. Turns out..there were a lot more things going on that needed to be looked at a little bit closer in regards to the former and current legalities surrounding my favorite plant…Marijuana.  In any event I ended up getting an A- on my paper…It deserved an A++.  I remember my English teacher at the time pulled me aside and commented on my oral presentation of my findings. She said “Mike, I don’t agree with any drug use, but your report was great and I can’t dispute anything you said….and this lady was a tight ass.  So needless to say it made me think a bit more..

I started to think about how It was public knowledge that 500,000 people a year die from smoking Cigarettes and Alcohol, which as we all know are perfectly legal and socially acceptable, yet in all its recorded usage, over 10,000 years of humans using Cannabis, there was not 1 recorded death related to Marijuana use.

I started to see that in our past America was quite fond of the magical plant known as Hemp / Marijuana.  In fact, at one time American citizens were actually required to grow marijuana.  Then I found out all the reasons why it had been made illegal and started to think how it was morally & ethically wrong to be doing what the Federal Government of this country was doing. What they were doing to ordinary, peaceful, happy, empathetic, non-violent citizens who were simply choosing to continue to use a scientifically proven substance to help enhance the enjoyment of their lives.  I remember sitting back smoking a joint the summer after I graduated from High School laughing and thinking I had uncovered something that was so rediculous and insane it HAD to be changed in the next couple years…right around the same time proposition 215 was being passed in California.

Sadly enough though, here we all are still, waiting for the Federal Government of the United States of America to pull its enormous head from deep within its ass.

Please do some research and open your mouth and speak.  Speak up for the environmental power Hemp / Marijuana has for us as a people.  Understand the hundreds of health benefits Marijuana has for everything from Cancer, Anxiety all the way to addiction its self.  Have you ever quit smoking Marijuana after smoking all day every day for years….I have.  There are NO PHYSICAL WITHDRAWLS WHATSOEVER.  Do people understand this or am I the only one that has figured this out?  I need your help.  This country and your people need your help.  We are American citizens and we have the right on a state by state basis to say NO to the Federal Government.  NO we will not allow you to violate our civil rights. NO you will not arrest and ruin our lives over “one of the safest, most therapeutic substances known to man”.  I will NOT allow you to tell us we can smoke your government subsidized cigarettes sprayed with radioactive pesticides and pollutants.. and not smoke Marijuana.  NO you will not ruin MY fucking life because YOU have been misguided.

We ALL need to speak up people…… the time is now.  To see more weed rants on my Youtube channel click here.

If you are having problems with drug addiction it might be a good idea to check yourself into a prescription drug rehab.


Respect The Dead?

Yeah, I would probably run you over too.

The other day I was driving to work on a very busy street and happened to spot a small box turtle slowly making his way across the road….most likely in search of food.  He had made it half way and was awkwardly sitting on the yellow lanes that separated the rat race roadway.  I immediately swerved off the road and began to turn around to get him across safely.  After I turned around and got back to the spot there was a middle-aged woman who had beat me to him and picked him up safely.  I rolled my window down, thanked her and was extremely happy to see that there was at least one more person out there who gives a shit about animals welfare. I wish all people could see the beauty in the variety of animals we have around us, no matter where we live. I don’t understand how so many animals can be killed every day and then be left to sit and rot on the side of our disgusting and dangerous traffic filled roads.

Ever wonder why animals that are killed by passing cars are always left to sit there?  Have you ever stopped for a second to acknowledge the fact that there is less and less room for the other creatures on this planet to live?  I for one am tired of seeing at least one new dead animal in one of the roads on my way to work. I understand that sometimes the occasional squirrel will run out into the road, but is every death really unavoidable?  Most of us care so much for our dogs and cats but we are blind to all of the other creatures that we share the planet with.  Blind to the fact that all of these creatures have the capacity to be a companion in even a small way. We love to pick and choose which animals are worthy of our mercy &  help and which are disposable.

I don’t even know where I am going with this post but people need to slow the fuck down and respect other living creatures. If you see an animal in the road STOP and let it figure out where its going.  Try to imagine you were born a squirrel instead of an O-so important human. Try to help nature out, try to imagine what this world would be like if there were NO OTHER ANIMALS LEFT.  That is what we are doing.

You'll still make it to work if you DON'T run anything over.